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Nir Yaron

Hi, I'm Nir. Editor and Photographer from Tel Aviv.

Since I was a child I remember myself photographing. As the time went by, my hobby turned into my profession.
Photography is my passion - creating, editing and publishing my works is very fulfilling. To me, photography is one of the greatest forms of art! I enjoy the spontaneous part of photography, truly capturing the moment , if it's by a video or by a photo - making the moment lasts forever.

Currently I shot with 2 camers: a cannon 6D mark ii and a DSLR camera - canon 760d. I also have DJI mavic air.

I welcome you to take a look at my work!


More About Me
Film Maker

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I only use the best gear possible to make sure you get the best photographs

Photo Editor

Editing your photos, make all your wishes come true

Video Editor

Advertisement? Image film? Video clip? Event?


Need some beautiful videos? Let's work together!

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